2014 Specialized Turbo now at Rock N' Road Cyclery Orange County

2014 Specialized Turbo BatteryINTEGRATED

To avoid the visual clutter usually associated with ebikes, Specialized designers wouldn't give up until the battery disappeared.  It seamlessly integrates into the over sized down tube.  As with a sports car - you don't notice the engine, but one look and you know the Turbo can fly!

2014 Specialized Turbo clean cable routingCLEAN

No dangling mess of crisscrossed wires and cables here.  Turbo's racy aesthetic says sleek and clean with full internal cable routing.  And cables are not just stuffed inside the tubing - cable grooves were built into the tubing to assure secure, quiet, low-maintenance performance.

2014 Specialized Turbo has Magura brakes with carbon leversSEXY

Every last detail on the Turbo had to be meticulously chosen: the minimalist power control with its subtle red glow and integrated grip mount; the sexy weave and curve of the carbon brake levers; and the magnetic cable connections for the battery motor.  This bike emits speed from every angle.  The closer you look, the faster it feels.

SMART2014 Specialized Turbo's rear wheel is a breeze to remove

Taking out the rear wheel to change a flat is a nightmare on traditional eBikes.  Specialized's engineers designed over sized thru-axles, which make wheel changes a breeze.  This design guarantees perfect alignment - always a plus when you're flying along at 28mph.

2014 Specialized Turbo is far ahead of the restBRAIN POWER

To set Turbo far ahead of the rest, Specialized engineers focused on three critical areas - the battery, motor, and electronic interface - as integrated components of a complete machine.

They started by choosing the best and most powerful rear hub motor available, and then customized and redesigned it for the Turbo's precise demands.  The battery was built from scratch to specific parameters, providing efficient, immediate, and lasting power.  Finally, the electronics were engineered to assure the entire package works flawlessly and intuitively - easily allowing for the rider customization and interface with current and future technology.

ELECTRONICS2014 Specialized Turbo electronics

Turbo comes equipped with all the electronics you need, including integrated head and taillights, wireless power control, cycling computer, and regenerative brakes that help recharge the battery when engaged.  Connecting it all, Specialized Wireless BUS system takes the Turbo to a whole new level.

All electronics are powered by the main battery, and are either completely wireless, or wired with internally routing.  No more dead headlamp batteries or crisscrossed wires spoiling the racey aesthetic.  And it's ANT+ compatible, so most accessories like heart rate straps will work without modifications.

Swing by Rock N' Road Cyclery's Irvine location to set up a test ride on the all Turbo.