This email is to commend all your staff at Rock N Road, but especially Eric Richtman at the Mission store. Every time, and it's been quite a few recently, Eric has helped me either purchase a new bike for my wife, Johe, and me, buy replacement parts or fix some bicycle mess I've gotten myself into.
Despite how upset or concerned I was about my situation, Eric, both knowledgeable and confident, helped me get back on the road in the quickest way possible and at a super fair price. 
Eric has helped Rock N Road be the BEST bike shop, period. I'll certainly send anyone else to Rock N Road who needs a new bike or help with their bike.
Thanks again Eric.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you that you and your service staff did a GREAT job Sunday on some minor fixes on 2 of my mountain bikes.  I fully expected to have to leave them with you and get the standard "7-10 day" time frame for service.  But this was a much different experience.  I was so impressed that you and your team fixed both my mountain bikes while I waited, and with a great attitude to top it off.  You and the young guy with long blond hair (don't know his name) did a fantastic job.
My wife and I have bought about 6 bikes from the Mission Viejo store over the years.  I remember when Matt and Stuart were working in that shop.  Yesterday was the best service experience by far.  Thanks for the store improvements and the re-focus on customer service.
By the way, my wife needs to come in and get a "fit" on her road bike. 
Can you please forward this note to Matt?
See you soon.


To whom it may concern,
Hello, I am a police officer with and was in your store today (off duty) to purchase some tires for my MTB. Actually, I had spoken to a couple of folks prior but was ultimately helped by Matthew Smith. I just wanted to let you know that he was extremely helpful. I had several questions about tire and other related products, all of  which he was able to answer. He is obviously very knowledgable and capable. My wife and I are looking at upgrading our bikes in the near future and I would probably not have considered a Specialized product had it not been for Matthew's willingness to chat with me and educate me about the current models, features, and comparisons to other brands, which I inquired about. 
I appreciate good service and wanted you to know what a fine job he did. Thank you!

Mr. Blain,
I wanted to write to thank you for service that was done at your store tonight. My daughter has a cheapy, hand-me-down "mountain" bike that has done her well over the years. It needed a new tube and one of the breaks was tweaked and just needed to be straightened. I took it to another shop where the guy looked down his nose and said that it would cost $50 and I would have to leave it for 2-3 days. As a single mom, I cannot afford that kind of money for a bike repair. He told me that is what I get for buying that kind of bike.
To say the least, I left his shop - with our bike. I stopped in to your shop and asked the man about it. I didn't take it off the rack this time so save time. He told me it would be $45 for a tune up. I told him I couldn't do that. When I asked how much just for tubes and to straighten the brake, he said $30. I agreed wondering where I was going to skimp to make that work. He took it off the rack and into the store for me and said he could do it as we waited. Ended up I only needed one tube since they actually checked it before changing them and it cost me just over $14. I could not be happier. For someone who struggles every month and is trying to get out of debt, every dollar counts.
The guys were very nice and they didn't make me feel stupid for bringing a cheap department store bike into their shop. I want to thank you and them for that. I am sorry that I didn't catch the man's name who helped me. He is tall with blonde hair. I hope you know who I mean and can thank him for me.