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Nirve bicycles make every ride more fun!Nirve makes a wide range of cruiser-style bicycles that turn heads wherever you pedal and include every feature you want. In fact, Nirves are so much fun to ride and so practical for getting around that you just might reconsider that whole point A to point B thing.

Nirve's beautiful bikes are a wonderful blend of art and function boasting cutting-edge design and construction, and utilitarian features that make every ride convenient, comfortable and fun. Plus, every Nirve boasts super-stylish graphics.  

Pedal in style with Nirve!Indeed, the look of their bikes is so important to Nirve that they hire the best artists and designers to guarantee that you have the best looking, most distinctive and most chic bike around.

Such luminaries as Paul Frank, legendary surfer Robert August, artist Drew Brophy and international sensation Hello Kitty have paired with Nirve to keep their bicycles models totally unique and new year after year!

Check out our awesome selection of Nirve bicycles and get cruising in style and comfort!


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Nirve Drew Brophy Surf Dragon - 2012

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Nirve B-1 - 2012

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